The Best Walks at Long Ashes Park

If you’re holidaying in Yorkshire this summer, there’s a chance you’ll be planning on going on a few walks, right? What better way to experience the stunning Yorkshire Dales and witness the true beauty of nature, than donning a pair of walking boots and going for a stroll? At Long Ashes Park, we’re blessed to be right in the heart of the Wharfedale Valley, a picturesque location that offers a range of scenic walks, perfect for all walkers of any ability.

If you’re only visiting us for a few days, or don’t fancy a proper hike, our park is set within luscious grounds that are perfect for exploring. Take a walk through our park and visit our fantastic facilities, with everything from a spa and hair salon, to our traditional Yorkshire Pub - The Gamekeeper’s Inn. Further afield however, there’s plenty of walks available for the more adventurous guests!

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Visit Skipton

We’re situated about 10 miles outside of Skipton, a beautiful and traditional North Yorkshire market town. There’s loads to do in Skipton, from gift shopping and visiting the markets, to exploring Skipton Castle, a local landmark which is ever popular with our guests. The walk down to Skipton is quite a long one, but it is indeed worth a visit - just make sure you bring some good walking boots, and a map!

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Malham Cove Walks

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Also close by is the ever popular Malham Cove - a large curved limestone formation located right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

Here you can visit stunning waterfalls and even visit the ‘fairy steps’. Great for kids and families, there’s a few walks to be done around Malham and there really is something for everyone here, with more intrepid rocky scrambles, and softer, more gentle strolls available. Malham is accessible via car, so, pack your things, take a packed lunch and head across the Yorkshire Dales for the day, you won’t be disappointed!

Walks in Grassington

A little closer to home is Grassington, a popular location with easy access to the Yorkshire Dales. Here you can head off on a riverside stroll along the River Wharfe and visit the Hamlet of Thorpe-in-the-Hollow. Or, if adventure is more to your taste, you can take on the stunning Sharp Haw, and climb to the summit which see’s hikers reach an altitude of 357m.

Whatever your reason for visiting Long Ashes Park, if you’ve got time to explore the Yorkshire Dales by foot, we can guarantee every moment will be worthwhile. Just bring your waterproofs, you can never be too prepared!

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