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Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum Nature Recovery Plan | Long Ashes Park

Made up from both local communities and government led agencies and charities, the Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum is a group of people who are committed to ensuring the Yorkshire Dales retains its status as an area of outstanding natural beauty and remains a central hub for biodiversity in the UK. The overall plan is to see the entire Yorkshire Dales area become the finest example of biodiversity thanks to the reintroduction of endangered species to the area and through continuous care for the environment.

In their latest plan, the forum has announced the next steps towards ensuring their hard work so far is able to continue for decades to come. Coined Nature in the Dales, 2022 Vision, the plan aims to set out steps towards ensuring that by 2040, the area is truly as biodiverse as possible.

This news is welcomed by us here at Long Ashes Park as our guests are able to enjoy the Yorkshire Dales for everything it has during their stay with us here. We love our local area and do all we can to ensure we’re able to look after our local environment and enjoy everything it offers us.

According to, Member Champion for the Natural Environment at the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Ian McPherson, said:

“The ambition to make the Yorkshire Dales National Park home to the finest variety of wildlife in England by 2040 is a realistic one. More than a quarter of the land area of the National Park is designated as nationally or internationally important for wildlife, more than any other English National Park.”


“Much has been achieved in the past ten years. The Yorkshire Dales has become a stronghold for some species that have sadly disappeared elsewhere, while peatlands and rivers are generally being restored to good ecological health rather than declining in condition.”

Overall, the work that the Biodiversity forum has done over the past decade has been vital in ensuring the local area and the environment remains vibrant and able to flourish - long may it continue!

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