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Your Helpful Guide to Glamping in Yorkshire

Glamping is a confusing term. What is glamping? What is a glamping pod? Where can one go to experience this luxury?

Who wouldn't want to enjoy the outdoors whilst in complete luxury? Better yet, why not do it in our favourite corner of the world, Yorkshire!

With this extensive guide to glamping, you'll be able to find the perfect glamping experience for you.

Our guide covers everything from what glamping is, what a glamping pod is, and where you can go to stay in a glamping pod in Yorkshire. This will include the general information about different types of glamping pods, what facilities are in pods, as well as a list of places to explore from your Yorkshire glamping pod base.

Let's start with the basics!

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What is glamping?

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words “glamour” and “camping”.

It’s a type of camping where you also have all the conveniences of home. There are many different types of glamping, but the most popular is when someone stays in a luxury tent with heated floors, private showers, and electricity, for example.

Whilst the word is relatively new, first cited sometime in 2005, the concept of luxurious outdoor living or camping is not. Royalty in the UK and Europe centuries ago would erect thousands of elaborate tents for certain important events, filled with the comforts and luxuries they were used to.

So what is a glamping pod?

Glamping pods are often made of timber. They can include features like a kitchen, living room and bedroom. Their designs are reminiscent of trailers, tents and lodges. With one, you'll have enough space without feeling cramped or cold.

Unlike canvas tents, wooden camping pods are guaranteed to keep you dry and warm all year round, even during the UK winter.

What types of glamping are there?

Glamping Pods Yorkshire glampingtent

Glamping Tents

Glamping tents can look a lot like the traditional camping tents you've come to know, but with a few key upgrades. You might find that your tent is in a safari style or bell shape, for example. No more struggling with tent poles and playing pin the fly on the hole!

Glamping Pods Yorkshire glampingyurt

Glamping Yurts

Yurts have been around for many years, originating in the need to avoid building a structure out of wood. They’re round tents covered with animal skins or felt, with a wooden latticework on the outside that supports the shape. They typically have a doorframe, rafters and crown in the centre.

Glamping Pods Yorkshire glampingtent Glamping Pods Yorkshire glampingshepherdshut

Shepherd's Huts

Shepherd's huts have been in use since the 15th century. They were used primarily by shepherds to shelter during sheep raising and lambing. Shepherd's huts were sometimes outfitted with iron wheels and corrugated iron tops. They’re still around today but are often used as glamping accommodation.

Glamping Pods Yorkshire glampingpod woodlands

Glamping Pods

Glamping pods are a newer form of glamping and they come in varying shapes and sizes. They are eco-friendly living solutions with a focus on luxurious comforts. There is an immense variety of them to choose from; some have showers and double beds, for example, just like our new Woodland Pods.

What to bring when you go glamping

Glamping Pods Yorkshire entertainment


It's not a given that glamping pods will contain the likes of a TV, although our Woodland Pods will. So in between all the hiking and travelling you might get up to, it's probably a good idea to bring your favourite books/ebooks, load your phones or tablets with films and music, or maybe consider a board game or two. Happily, our Woodland Pods are located in the grounds of our beautiful Long Ashes Park, with a small walk to the nearby Gamekeeper's Inn available for all the entertainment a country pub brings.

Glamping Pods Yorkshire basics

The Basics

The length of your stay and the remoteness of your pod will determine what you need for the bare necessities. You can't go wrong with the essentials such as a hygiene and bathroom bag, electrical chargers, spare loo roll, and perhaps some backup notes and coins should you need them for parking and whatnot.

Glamping Pods Yorkshire clothing

Variety of clothing

If you're staying at our Woodland Pods in the Yorkshire Dales, for example, then you'd be wise to bring a variety of clothing for your outdoor adventures. Even in the midst of summer, conditions on fell tops can be vastly different compared to the valleys. Consider waterproof clothing, multiple layers, sun hats and sunglasses, and of course some sturdy walking boots. If you fancy a dip for some outdoor swimming, you'll also need warm blankets and preferably some kind of warm outdoor swim suit.


A little something special

It can't all be about the practicalities, so don't forget to bring some luxuries. This is glamping after all!

National Parks Long Ashes

Where to go glamping?

A key reason to go glamping is to get away from it all, whilst retaining the luxuries and creature comforts of home. For most people that means heading out into the countryside, of which the UK is abundant.

You can't go wrong with glamping in one of the UK's incredible National Parks. They offer a variety of scenery from the wetlands of The Broads National Park in England to some of the highest mountains in the UK at the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

There are 15 National Parks in the UK: three in Wales, two in Scotland, and ten in England.

We might be biased but for sheer variety we recommend the Yorkshire Dales National Park, where you can find our new glamping pods in the Yorkshire Dales. The Dales offers everything from soaring fells, beautifully sculpted valleys, numerous exceptional waterfalls, and everything in between.

Glamping Pods Yorkshire Glamping Yorkshire

Why book glamping pods in Yorkshire?

The Yorkshire Dales has many things to offer for those looking to book a break in a glamping pod in North Yorkshire. There are countless natural wonders to explore within the Yorkshire Dales that will take your breath away and help you to fully recharge.

Despite its name, the most common feature of the Yorkshire Dales is its waterfalls. In this regard, we can heartily recommend the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail for an easy-to-follow walking trail around some of the Dales' most incredible waterfalls.

A more remote yet incredible location for waterfalls and valleys is Keld in Swaledale. There you can find beautiful waterfalls near the village before enjoying the incredible valley scenery of Swaledale on your way to Muker.

For those who require scrambling and clambering up something high, the Yorkshire Dale’s “Three Peaks” are must. They comprise of Pen-y-Ghent, Ingleborough, and Whernside, which is also the Yorkshire Dales’ highest peak at 736m/2,415ft high. Just ensure you have plenty of water and food, good walking boots, layers of clothing, and the knowledge to read a map and a compass.


If you’re after more quaint and attractive towns and villages in the Yorkshire Dales, may we recommend the likes of Hawes in Wensleydale, Muker and Reeth in Swaledale, Ingleton in the southwest of the Dales, and Grassington in Wharfdale where you’ll also find our brand new glamping pods in the Yorkshire Dales.

Our new Woodland Glamping pods in North Yorkshire are just perfect for a romantic escape to Yorkshire. These self-contained and cleverly designed glamping pods include a comfy double bed, a well-equipped bathroom, sofa, high table, and kitchen.

Additional creature comforts include an under-counter fridge, built-in microwave grill, toaster, and kettle, so it really does make the perfect home from home. Plus, you can enjoy full use of the leisure facilities at Long Ashes included.

If you want to experience the great outdoors why not 'live it up' in a gorgeous glamping pod in the Yorkshire Dales instead of camping or caravanning?

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Frequently asked questions about our Yorkshire Glamping Pods

Do your Glamping Pods have toilets?

Our Woodland Pods definitely do, so fear not!

Do your Glamping Pods have kitchens?

Most do and ours are no exception. Our Woodland Pods contain a kitchenette area with an under-counter fridge, built-in microwave grill, toaster, and a kettle, all beautifully fitted out.

Do your Glamping Pods have heating?

Absolutely! They utilise luxurious electric underfloor heating, and there's also a heated towel rail in the bathroom. Additionally, each of our Woodland Pods also have water heaters for hot showers and kitchen cleaning.

Are camping pods warm?

Usually, yes, and ours definitely are. Our Woodland Pods are constructed with fully insulated 100mm earth wool insulation, electric underfloor heating, and fully double-glazed UPVC windows and doors.

Do your Glamping Pods have bathrooms?

Yes, our glamping pods are fitted with a well-equipped bathroom, containing a 1200mm shower cubicle, washing basin, mirror cabinet, and toilet.

Do your Glamping Pods have a TV?

Not currently, but they soon will.

What do Glamping Pods have inside?

This varies from pod to pod and company to company. For our Woodland Pods in Long Ashes Park, they each feature a comfy double bed, restful sofa, high table with chairs, a kitchenette, and a fully-featured bathroom. All beautifully laid out.

What amenities and facilities are included with your Glamping Pods?

When you book a stay at our Woodland Pods in Long Ashes Park, the rate also includes full use of our Leisure Club's facilities. This includes our full-featured and air-conditioned gym kitted out with TechnoGym and Cybex equipment, our 15m heated indoor pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, poolside relaxation area, and exercise floor space. In addition, your stay includes 10% off all spa treatments at our integrated Long Ashes Pure Spa.


Introducing our new Woodland glamping pods in Yorkshire

At Long Ashes Park we have brand new Woodland Glamping pods in Yorkshire that are the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend.

These fully self-contained, cleverly designed camping pods with a luxury double bed, fully equipped bathroom, sofa and table to eat on all make for the perfect escape.

You'll be able to fully enjoy Long Ashes Park's leisure facilities when staying in this room. There's also a built-in fridge, microwave and kettle, so you can have a home from home. The perfect place to stay!

If camping and caravanning aren't your thing - live it up in a gorgeous glamping pod!

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