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Craven District Council’s Bid to go Green

With Long Ashes Park proximity to the wonderful market town of Skipton, we’re very excited to hear more about Craven District Council’s new bid to go green and new goals which will see Skipton and the local Yorkshire Dales area, within Craven District to become greener, working on the council’s new Climate Emergency Strategic Plan and the end goal of having a totally carbon neutral district by 2030.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral? Many believe that carbon neutrality means zero carbon emissions, sadly though it’s not quite as simple as that. Being carbon neutral however is the next best way to reduce impact on the environment in the bid for a more sustainable future, which is what Craven District Council aims to achieve for the local area by 2030. Being carbon neutral means that the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere by an entity (be that a person, or organisation) is offset by taking carbon out of the atmosphere by other means elsewhere, by doing things like reducing emissions, changing the type of energy uses, or by investing in other projects such as tree planting, or green infrastructure projects.

Therefore the aim, put more simply, is for the Craven district to have a balance of zero, meaning the area takes as much carbon out of the atmosphere as it puts in, maintaining a ‘neutral’ balance.

There are now a number of plans and motions in place with the council, and other organisations such as Skipton BID, which will see the production of new cycle lanes in the town, better accessibility along canal towpaths and riversides and wider improvements across the town, which will improve the look of Skipton, the cleanliness of Skipton and above all, the carbon neutrality of Skipton and the Craven district. Work has been on-going, with Councillor Carl Lis, the council’s Lead Member for Green Craven recently stating:

“Since approving our Climate Emergency Strategic Plan, we have been working hard to implement the actions in the plan. We planted over 9,000 trees on Council land last year, and progressed a bid to install renewable energy generation facilities on council land and property.”


“We have also prioritised pedestrians with our innovative work to pedestrianise the High Street on market days. The improvements we have made in partnership with the Canal and River Trust and others on the canal towpath have provided more safe, accessible routes through the town for pedestrians and cyclists. We are now working on a number of plans to provide cycle lanes and secure bike parking as part of our proposals for the High Street and the masterplan for the area surrounding Skipton Railway Station.”

You can find out more about the plan from Craven District Council and a recent consultation with Skipton BID, local businesses and local people on the Craven District Council website.

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