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Fairy Spotting at Malham Cove

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Malham Cove is a stunning area of natural beauty and is situated in the North Yorkshire Dales, right on the door steps of Long Ashes Park which is why many of our guests will take the time to venture down to Malham during their stay at our site. Not only is Malham very easy to get to from our park, it’s also a very easy place to navigate, offering families the chance to explore the remote Yorkshire Dales, without the need for complicated navigation or expensive walking gear.

This is exactly why Malham Cove invites thousands of tourists each year to enjoy it’s beautiful waterfalls, its rolling hills and it’s accessible walking route.

Legend has it that Malham Cove is home to a number of fairies - mythical creatures that inhabit the cove and steps around the stunning waterfalls. Though spotting a fairy is rare, bringing the kids along to help always goes down a treat - you’ll be amazed at what they can find there too!

Magical Malham Walks

Leaving the village of Malham via an easy to walk path, visitors can move into a beautiful wooded area which is lined with beautiful wild garlic flowers. The aroma of the garlic is strong and always adds to the magical experience. A little further down the path, visitors will come to ‘Janet’s Foss,’ a stunning natural pool and waterfall, the home of Malham’s fairy colonies! Janet’s Foss is also a great picnic location and is very easy to reach from the main car park in Malham centre.

Adventurers can continue onto Gordale Scar, or Shorkley Hill to discover more of the Yorkshire Dales, with both easy to navigate routes and more advanced uphill scrambles, there’s options for walkers of all abilities here.

Wild Garlic 1

Walking at Malham Cove

For those wanting to continue on past Janet’s Foss, there’s the chance to explore a lovely 7km walk across Gordale Scar, Shorkley Hill and the village of Malham. It’s an easy walk and should take around 3 hours, or perhaps a little longer if you stop for a picnic along the way! For those willing to brave the full trek, visitors get to see the incredible Limestone Steps at the top of Malham Cove, a naturally formed ‘patio’ created by water flowing through the natural limestone path. It’s a great day out for all the family!

When you’re finished, don’t forget to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at Long Ashes own Gamekeeper’s Inn on your way back.

Find out more about the Magical Malham Walk with this online Ordnance Survey guide.

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