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Festive Fun In North Yorkshire

What could be more festive than spending Christmas 2022 away from home, nestled in your very own stunning North Yorkshire holiday home? The residential park homes at Long Ashes Park offer our home owners the very best opportunity to escape this winter and discover some true tranquillity within our incredible holiday park setting.

Enjoy the crisp, frosty winter mornings, wake up to a fresh breakfast cooked in your own kitchen, followed by a stroll out in the cold countryside, witnessing the true beauty of our frostbitten landscape. Enjoy a light lunch at The Gamekeeper’s Inn followed by (no doubt) a couple of heart warming local ales to get you through to the evening, ready to spend the night in, by the fire in your own holiday home.

That’s the sort of Christmas we’re dreaming of at Long Ashes Park.

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Residential Park Homes

We’ve got a number of stunning and well equipped residential park homes at Long Ashes Park. These are truly unique buildings that offer owners the chance to escape to the country as much as they want. We’re lucky in that we’re surrounded by true, untouched natural beauty. The Yorkshire Dales is nestled within an area of outstanding natural beauty, meaning you could have some of the finest views this country has to offer, right on your doorstep.

Find out more about our residential park homes.

There’s a number of these incredible park homes for sale right now, meaning you could bag your own stunning space in the Yorkshire Dales in time for Christmas 2022. Not only do you get access to a huge range of great facilities at Long Ashes Park, access to our local pub and more - you’ll also get your very own home in the countryside, complete with private garden space and even a driveway. Our homes feature modern furnishings and features, complete with extra luxuries like utility rooms and even conservatories.

Now is the perfect chance to sort out your very own home from home in time for the Christmas season - just don’t forget to bring your own festive decorations! Find out more about our residential park homes, including current listings here.

Contact our team today to find out more about Long Ashes Park, the Gamekeeper’s Inn and our residential park homes for sale.

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