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Get Fit in 2021 - 3 Steps to a New You

We all aspire to get fit in the new year, don’t we. New year, new me? Though the drive is there, each year we always seem to fall short, through lack of motivation and of course, life gets in the way. At Long Ashes Leisure Club, we want to help you make those changes for the better, we want to help you improve your lifestyle and discover a new you in 2021. Your health should be your priority, something made even more apparent with recent events and the global pandemic. Look after number 1 and get ready to feel better than ever before at Long Ashes Leisure Club!


Get Fit in 2021 | Step 1 - Motivation

The first, and hardest step is to find motivation. It’s not exactly hiding around a corner, no, it’s something you have to shape and drive yourself. Get motivated, set targets and goals and map out your progression. Exercising for a set amount of time each day is a great way to start, build yourself up and add on an extra minute each week, you don’t have to get fit fast, you just have to be consistent and committed to achieving those goals, however small or large they may be.

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Get Fit in 2021 - Step 2 - Workout!

Once you’ve got a plan, you’ve set some short term goals and some long term goals, it’s time to start the hard work. Workout, eat well and do what you need to do in order to achieve those goals. At Long Ashes Leisure Club we’ve got all the facilities you need in order to make those workouts happen. We’ve got a swimming pool which is great for cardio exercise and recovery, as well as a vast range of brilliant gym equipment, including Cybex Resistance Machines for strength training, and TechnoGym machines for cardio workouts. Mix your workouts up, be creative and stick to your goals.

With gym sessions available from just £5 per session, we cater for everyone. Find out more about joining Long Ashes Leisure Club today!

Get Fit in 2021 - Step 3 - Recover

Training and getting fit is as much about resting as it is working out. You need to ensure you rest well between workouts and take on the right amount of water and nutrition in between sessions. Watch your diet and try to eat healthier foods which can aid your rest and recovery. Stretching is vital - you should always warm up and cool down after exercising, we’d also recommend having a stretch plan in place for your recovery days also. Yoga and Pilates can be great for this!

What’s more, at Long Ashes Leisure Club we’ve got a range of facilities to help you relax, including our swimming pool, our steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and the Long Ashes Pure Spa, a tranquil spot created to allow you to truly unwind. By remaining motivated, by working hard and by being kind to yourself and taking time to recover, you can kick start 2021 with an entirely new outlook. Get healthy, improve your lifestyle and discover just what you’re made of!

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