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Our Scandinavian Inspired Lodges in the Heart of Yorkshire

When looking for your perfect holiday home there are a few things that you have to consider in order to make sure you get a place you’ll love that feels like a real home from home. It must be cosy, functional, beautiful and offer you a chance to escape. That’s exactly why so many people turn to the Yorkshire Dales each year to get a holiday home of their own. Tranquil surrounds, endless activities and traditional settings make areas like the Dales and Long Ashes Park the perfect place to own your dream escape.

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With a huge range of stunning, Scandinavian inspired holiday lodges now available, we can’t think of a better time to explore purchasing a holiday home of your own. Whether you’re after a place to get away at the weekends, or even somewhere to spend longer breaks away when the time suits, we’ve got something for everyone. Perfect for large families and small families alike.

Our luxury lodges come with their own unique style and design. The Thorpe View development on the park features a number of stunning Scandinavian style lodges, each are clad with beautiful, neutral wood and feature floor to ceiling windows, as well as stunning balconies that really allow you to take in the breath-taking views of the Yorkshire Dales.

The inspiration continues inside, with open plan layouts and modern furnishings - all of our holiday lodges are built with one purpose - to offer you the very best home from home that money can buy. We use quality materials, stunning furniture and fantastic design to ensure that all of our lodges really do blow their owners away!

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Take a look at our current holiday lodge listings.

Discover the Yorkshire Dales and find your own stunning home from home today. Scandinavian inspired living means total relaxation achieved simply by living in a functional way. At Long Ashes Park, beautiful traditional design, meets our cutting edge and contemporary outlook which ensures each of our holiday lodges are built and designed to be the very best they can be.

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