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People visiting our site at Long Ashes Park are lucky to be able to explore the beautiful Yorkshire Dales during their stay with us. We often get many guests returning to our site year on year who aim to discover more and more about the Yorkshire Dales through walks, hikes and their own exploration. The location of our park is great for hikers, walkers, bike riders and everyone else who wants to discover more about the beautiful Yorkshire dales.

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Through Summer 2021 many are expecting to see a huge influx in tourism around the Yorkshire Dales area as a result of uncertain foreign travel restrictions. Whilst it’s a great chance to come and see what we have to offer here in Yorkshire, we want to make sure everyone who comes to see us has a safe and enjoyable time, therefore here’s a few safety tips which we urge all visitors to take with them:

  • Even when the sun is shining, the weather across the dales can turn quickly, prepare for all weather and don’t get caught out. Bring sun cream, plenty of water and keep a hat on when the suns out. Some good waterproofs and some extra layers to slip on can also be a lifesaver when the rain hits!
  • Many areas of the Yorkshire Dales are very remote, if you’re out hiking and exploring, inform someone at home where you are going and when you intend to be back. Take a map and a compass, a mobile phone and a battery pack to charge your phone in an emergency!
  • Ensure you have enough food to keep you going for the day, it may surprise you but once off the beaten track, you might be a little way from a shop so be sure to prepare in advance.
  • Ensure you have good boots on, even when the weather is hot, you need to ensure your ankles are supported and your feet are protected from the terrain. Good boots will also help protect you from slips, trips and falls, one of the main reasons the Mountain Rescue services often get called out!
  • We’d always recommend venturing out in groups and ensuring you all stick together, many hands make light work and can also make for a more enjoyable exploring experience!

Lots of parts of the Yorkshire Dales are made from limestone rocks which can be very slippery when wet, so do remember this, especially when exploring Limestone sites! Because of this, you’ll also see loads of mine and cave sites so be sure to avoid these unless you’re on a supervised trip and are with experienced cavers who have the right training and the right equipment!

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