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What’s the Difference Between a Lodge and a Caravan

At Long Ashes Park we are often asked about the differences between a holiday caravan and a holiday lodge, both by customers looking to stay over for a holiday and by park home buyers who are looking to buy a holiday home of their own which they can visit time and time again.

The main difference between a lodge and a caravan is the construction of the building. Caravans may be considered to be ‘mobile’ however for the Long Ashes Park caravans, these are all permanent structures which are often complete with a luxurious decking feature and garden space too.

Our scandinavian inspired lodges are furnished with quality fittings and fixtures and are built more like a typical house, they are very luxurious, beautifully designed and offer space for the entire family. Many of our lodges include multiple bedrooms and living areas, as well as fully fitted kitchens, log burners, several bathrooms and ample outdoor space.

Our caravans on the other hand are a little smaller, although this difference is of course reflected within the price! Even so, our caravans remain at the height of luxury and are perfect for short holidays, breaks and for more permanent residences. Much like our lodges, our caravans also include several bedrooms, fitted kitchens and ample living spaces, they are furnished to a top specification and allow owners and holiday makers to create a real home from home.

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So, there we have it. The main difference between the two is price, which often comes down to space and the fact that our caravans offer a more cosy experience than our lodges. A lodge boasts a more ‘house’ like appearance and is spread over a much bigger plot. Our caravans, though furnished to an equally high standard, are usually a little smaller and are set to fixed plot sizes - even so, both accommodation types do offer outdoor space, including space for a car and decking.

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