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The Gamekeeper’s Inn 2021 Christmas Menu

At Long Ashes Park, we’re very proud to share our site with The Gamekeeper’s Inn, our own traditional North Yorkshire pub which specialises in cooking locally sourced food and produce. Our chefs work tirelessly to ensure your food comes from the best farms and suppliers and that they use the best ingredients to maximise on taste and to ensure your experience at The Gamekeeper’s Inn is an unforgettable one.

See The Gamekeeper’s Inn 2021 Christmas Menu

To start, see yourself exploring the culinary delights of a Yorkshire Farmhouse Terrine, served with our own apricot chutney and ciabatta croutons. For something more traditional, why not try our delicious Prawn and Crayfish Cocktail, taking the family favourite Prawn Cocktail and adding an exciting and decadent twist. We’ve also got a tasty Parsnip and Sage Soup, a Beetroot Cured Salmon Gravadlax for those who really want to indulge, and a staff favourite - Wild Mushroom, and Truffle Crostini. All of our starters are available as a Gluten Free Dish.

Our Main Courses are packed out with incredible traditional dishes. We’ve got locally sourced, slow roasted meat available across the menu, as well as seafood and vegetarian/vegan alternatives, so there’s something for everyone this Christmas. This year, we’re offering Free Range Turkey with all the timings, Slow Cooked Blade of Beef in a Red Wine Sauce, Turkey, Ham and Leek Pie for those who want something a little different, as well as Smoked Haddock with Poached Hen’s Eggs, and a vegan Sicilian Aubergine and Courgette Stew served with Couscous.

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If you’ve got room for Dessert (it’s Christmas, treat yourself!) then we’ve got some brilliant treats available, from Traditional Christmas Pudding with a boozy Brandy Sauce, to a lighter Roasted Peach Cobbler. If you’re after a real treat, we’ve got a tasty Sticky Toffee Pudding, and our favourite, ultimate Dessert, the White Chocolate Brownie, served with White Chocolate Sauce and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.

Now, who’s hungry?

Our Christmas Menu is available from £19.95 for 2 courses, or £23.95 for 3 courses, per person. Visit our bookings page and book your table today!

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