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The Yorkshire Shepherdess

If you have been keeping up with the Channel 5 documentary series ‘Our Yorkshire Farmyou’re sure to recognise the name Amanda Owen, or as she’s perhaps more commonly known ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess.’

“Shepherdess, hill farmer, writer, photographer, public speaker and mother of 9 – Amanda lives a busy and rewarding life with her husband Clive and their family at Ravenseat in Swaledale, one of the highest, remotest hill farms in England.”

Credit: Amanda Owen, Yorkshire Shepherdess - Farmer, Writer, Photographer

After first being featured in the ITV series ‘The Dales’ Amanda started to document the story of her family’s life on their remote 2,000 acre hill farm herself before publishing three bestselling books. At certain points in the year, the farm is even open to visitors, offering cream teas to anyone who fancies making the trek out to the remote location themselves.

Most recently the Channel 5 show has allowed viewers to escape to the beautiful rolling hills of Swaledale during a time in lockdown where exploring the hills and Dales has been an impossibility for many. Now in its third series, the insight it provides into their idyllic rural family life is enough to have many of us consider our own rural adventure.

If you are an avid follower you will know that life is never dull at Ravenseat, where the family tend to a menagerie of sheep, cattle, dogs, and horses in a beautifully remote area of Yorkshire. In such a isolated location the weather has a massive impact on day to day life, never more so than in the winter which saw the family battle month of snow and ice between December and February this year, even losing access to running water at one stage meaning buckets had to be filled from the nearby stream!

It’s an amazing, back to basics way of life that has virtually disappeared for many of us but Amanda says she wouldn’t change it for the world and feels privileged to be living out her dream in some of Yorkshires most glorious scenery.

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