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This Project will Boost Tourism for Walkers and Cyclists in Yorkshire

The Skipton Gateway Project’ is a brand new project which is set to roll out in June 2022. The project has been created in line with local councils and local people to make the Skipton area more accessible to walking and cycling tourists, as well as to local people by freeing up the roads and investing money into the local infrastructure to improve the train station, improve rail links and to improve the roads by adding cycle lanes to make it easier for cyclists to enjoy the Skipton area.

According to a report by The Yorkshire Post, Councillor Don Mackenzie, an executive member for access at North Yorkshire County Council has said that local worries about traffic and access to Skipton will also be addressed by the plans for these works. Councillor Mackenzie has said:

“We are looking at alternatives for Broughton Road by putting the cycle lane on the highway as opposed to it being segregated from traffic and we are also taking steps to calm traffic. The project has had good support overall and what it is aiming to do is improve cycling and walking options not just for residents but also visitors because Skipton is the gateway to the Dales after all. When people arrive by train or bus we want them to feel like they are right in the centre of an area with improved facilities for all.”

The project will combine the efforts of the North Yorkshire County Council and Craven District Council who have both secured funding to roll out the project, which is currently estimated to cost between £5.8 and £7.8 million. Locally people are behind the work, with 54% of those who responded to surveys held in February and March responding positively towards the project.

Here at Long Ashes Park, we think this work will provide great new opportunities for local businesses who will benefit from a boom in local hiking and cycling tourism. Not only that, it will also allow Skipton to become a hub for greener transport, focusing on providing good rail links and a safe place for people to cycle, whether they are cycling for a holiday or leisure, or indeed if they are simply just commuting or cycling to work.

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