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Why North Yorkshire has some of the Best Food in the UK

Although many may accuse us of being biased, we strongly believe that North Yorkshire is responsible for producing some of the very best food in the UK, perhaps even in the world. There’s a very good reason for this - it’s because as a community, we are dedicated to the land and believe that through allowing nature to do her thing, our local farms and producers are able to produce some of the very best ingredients, many of which are shipped internationally simply because of their high quality.

By using local ingredients when preparing meals at our traditional Yorkshire pub - The Gamekeeper’s Inn, we ensure all of the food we serve is packed full of flavour, nutrition and always have that delicious North Yorkshire stamp - it’s the sort of deliciousness you only experience when eating something your Grandma has cooked or baked!

Find out more about Dining and Drinking at The Gamekeeper’s Inn.

Our local produce is so delicious thanks to the spacious and fertile land that makes up the North Yorkshire Dales. Rolling hills, adequate water (yes, it does tend to rain occasionally) and hard working committed farmers and producers mean all of our local food is grown and nurtured to be both sustainable and of course, delicious! It is thanks to our location that we’re able to grow such a vast and diverse range of foods, from fruits and vegetables, to livestock which is able to live off our fertile land, we’ve got it all!

Let’s also not forget some of the more famous Yorkshire creations which are available right on our doorstep, such as Wensleydale Cheese, Rhubarb, Liquorice, Pikelets and Parkin.

Oh, and our chefs have a fantastic Yorkshire Pudding recipe too, you can always be certain we won’t be short of those!

Visit the Gamekeeper’s Inn this autumn to sample all of the delicious food and drinks we have to offer. Enjoy local produce that has been prepared for your tasting pleasure whilst you enjoy our famous Yorkshire hospitality - you’ll never want to go home!

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