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Yorkshire Dales Voted as the Best National Park in Europe | Long Ashes Park

The Yorkshire Dales, home to Long Ashes Park has been voted as Europe’s best national park! Here’s why we agree.

It’s no secret that we adore the Yorkshire Dales at Long Ashes Park, it is at the end of the day our home, and home to our stunning traditional Yorkshire Pub too - The Gamekeeper’s Inn.

We pride ourselves on providing our guests with an authentic Yorkshire experience when they visit our park, whether that’s to stay in our holiday lodges, to purchase a holiday home, visit our spa or to enjoy food and drinks at The Gamekeeper’s Inn, everything you see, touch and do will be Yorkshire, born and bred.

We source our food and ales from the local area and our location makes it easy to go and enjoy a number of beauty spots, including Malham Cove and the beautiful North Yorkshire market town of Skipton.

That’s why we’re over the moon (but not surprised) to see that this year, Tripadvisor users have voted the Yorkshire Dales as the best national park in Europe in the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards. You can see the full standings for yourself here.

Yorkshire Dales biodiversity optim

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards | National Parks - Europe

It’s official! The Yorkshire Dales is the best national park in Europe, beating some real beauty spots from across the continent. Here’s what Tripadvisor users had to say about the Yorkshire Dales and why they believe it’s made it to the top spot:

“One visit to the Yorkshire Dales and it’s easy to understand why the unspoiled countryside is the setting of so many novels. Must-see sights among the land’s lush woodlands and expansive moors include Hardraw Force (the longest single-drop waterfall in the North), Gordale Scar, and well-known hill range, the Three Peaks. Less adventurous visitors can rest easy, walking through the manicured lawns of Parcevall Hall Gardens or appreciating Skipton Castle’s medieval architecture. Although some prefer to take in the land’s wild beauty by foot or horse, the most popular way is via one of the park’s famed cycling routes.”

Yorkshire Dales 1

The Yorkshire Dales is closely followed by Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland, Europe’s biggest national park which combines a range of environments, from blue ice caves, to black sand beaches and grassy meadows.

Next in the listings comes Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, a stunning series of turquoise pools, nestled in a beautiful Croatian forest, there’s stunning waterfalls and plenty of lakes to take a dip in during the hot Croatian summers.

That aside though, none of these places can quite beat the Yorkshire Dales, can they? Now it’s official, the Yorkshire Dales is the best national park in Europe! Book your visit today and get in touch with us at Long Ashes Park to find out more about our local area, our facilities and things to do in the Yorkshire Dales.

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